We can provide plaques in brass & stainless steel. Below our the following options; Etched Brass & Stainless Steel Plaques Best for �   Applications where a superior appearance is required such as commemorative and      presentation plaques Available in �   3 Surface finishes, dull (matt), dull polished (grained) & bright annealed (polished) �   Thicknesses between 0.50 & 2.00mm �   Can be supplied with holes if required Surface printed Plaques A low cost option is to surface print using a tough, durable ink. This can be used on both brass & stainless steel plaques and provides a hard-wearing yet economic plaque. Nameplates    Plaques    Plastic Labels     Event Memorabilia   Contact    Sitemap sales@principlenameplate.com  | t (01308)459900 The Principle Nameplate Company Limited, Unit 1, Foundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3RP